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Tears of My Enemies

Crybaby Laser Cut Sunglasses

Crybaby Laser Cut Sunglasses

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UV Filter

They're here, and they are in high demand!

You can't enjoy the tears of your enemies without having the right accessories.

These original design sunnies are made of laser cut acrylic, in a selection of 6 unique colors, designed to fit a variety of face shapes and sizes.

- Laser cut light grey lenses

- Optional UV filtering, so your peepers will be taken care of while you're out devastating the masses.

Each pair features a teardrop accent with a silver teardrop. Silver Mirror Crybaby sunglasses feature a contrasting gold teardrop.

This item is a piece of wearable art, do not wear them while operating a vehicle or any machinery.

Crybabies are a handmade item, please allow 2 weeks for production and shipment.

T.O.M.E. is a Black-owned business run by a party of one.

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